Make your own leather belt




Indulge in a moment of creative escapism as you unlock the satisfaction of crafting your own accessories!

Amélie invites you to a captivating 2h30 workshop on leather goods, where you’ll embark on a journey to create a personalized leather belt under her expert guidance.

The workshop begins with a gentle warmth enveloping you, complemented by the delightful scent of tanned leather. Immerse yourself in a welcoming and friendly atmosphere, where a hot drink awaits you.

Take your time to explore a wide variety of vegetable-tanned leathers, allowing your inspiration to guide your choice. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to select a French buckle and determine the ideal width for your belt (3 or 3.5 cm).

Under the craftswoman’s careful instruction, you’ll learn to cut the leather strips that will form the foundation of your belt. Witness the art of shaping the belt’s end into an elegant ogive, adding a touch of sophistication.

With precision, you’ll place rivets for the buckle and meticulously refine the edges. Every finishing touch and intricate detail will contribute to a belt that exudes uniqueness and personal style.

As a passionate amateur leatherworker, you’ll feel a sense of pride as you leave the workshop adorned with your very own leather belt, adding a distinctive touch to your overall look.

Practical Information:
Upon arrival, immerse yourself in a warm and friendly atmosphere, complemented by a comforting hot drink.


  • 75 € per person

Included / Not Included

Included :

  • 2h30 of discovery with Amélie
  • Knowledge of leather goods
  • Your personalized leather belt

Further information

Minimum age : 

Accessible to people with reduced mobility :

Difficulty level :

Address : 228 Chem. du Contras 1, 84380 Mazan, France

Duration: 2h30

Hours : 

Number of participants: 1-4 participants

Language: French


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