Dolphin Tour – €31.4 for 2 persons




Embark on a remarkable journey to witness the beauty and grace of dolphins in their natural habitat. Allow the serenity of the ocean and the playful presence of these gentle creatures to captivate your heart and soul. Come, join us on this unforgettable dolphin tour and create memories that will forever echo the wonders of Bali’s marine world.

6:00 am: Meeting Point
Gather at the designated meeting point, where our friendly guides will welcome you and provide a brief introduction to the day’s activities.

Sunrise Delight
Marvel at the sky as it transforms into a canvas of stunning colors, creating a magical ambiance.

Breakfast Time
Enjoy freshly brewed coffee or tea accompanied by scrumptious fried bananas, providing the perfect energy boost for the adventure ahead.

Dolphin Encounter
Board our boat and venture into the sparkling waters in search of dolphins. As we navigate through the ocean, keep your eyes peeled for these graceful creatures.

Swimming with Dolphins
Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world of dolphins as we provide a unique opportunity to swim alongside these majestic beings.

Snorkeling at Coral Reef
On our way back to the beach, we’ll make a stop at a vibrant coral reef. Put on your snorkeling gear and dive into the azure waters, discovering a world of colorful marine life.

Return to the Beach
After a thrilling day of dolphin encounters and snorkeling adventures, we’ll make our way back to the beach.


  • 15.70 EUR/person

Included / Not Included


  • Life jackets
  • Mineral water
  • Coffee or tea
  • Fried banana
  • Mask and snorkel for swimming with dolphins and exploring the coral reef

Further information

Minimum age :

Accessible to people with reduced mobility :

Difficulty level : Accessible to everyone

Address : Jl. Starlight, Anturan, Lovina, Kabupaten Buleleng, Bali 81119

Minimum number of people : 2


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