Discover and taste the 5 tea families – €150 for 3 persons




Explore the subtleties of 5 tea families and let yourself be transported on an unforgettable journey of flavors.

Follow the creators of the Cha Yuan tea house on their annual journey across Asia to meet producers and discover the behind-the-scenes of tea production. You’ll understand the origins of each variety, and enjoy every sip even more.

Liam will tell you all about the history of this age-old beverage, while revealing the secrets of this unique plant, the camellia.

There’s nothing like a tea tasting to help you grasp all the nuances of each tea and understand the different preparation techniques and terroirs that influence their taste. You’ll be taken on a veritable taste journey, exploring the unique aromas and flavors of 5 tea families: white, green, oolong, black and post-fermented.

The tea expert will also teach you about the therapeutic virtues of tea, enabling you to enjoy the benefits of this beverage for your health and well-being.

Finally, you’ll learn how to brew tea properly to obtain the best possible quality and flavor.

At the end of the workshop, you’ll never be able to drink tea in the same way again, and you’ll discover a world of unsuspected pleasures.


  • 50 € per person

Included / Not Included

Included :

  • 2 hours of discovery with Liam
  • Knowledge of tea
  • A unique taste experience

Further information

Minimum age : 

Accessible to people with reduced mobility :

Difficulty level :

Address : 2 Rue Viala, 84000 Avignon, France

Duration: 2 hours

Hours : 10:30 – 12:30

Number of participants: 3 – 10 participants

Language : French


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